Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Opener (pdf).

Lesson (pdf).

Your homework for tonight is:

  1. Watch and complete the Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides video. As you watch it, please make sure you follow the directions/recommendations for how to watch and complete it. This should probably take about 20 minutes total, so plan accordingly.

  2. After you've completed watching the video, including working out the self-check problems in your notebook, then make sure you login to the Moodle and complete the free-response summary (sample) and submit your self-check answers (just the answers, you only need to show the work in your notebook). Please make a note of any questions you may still have and come to class ready to ask them and/or figure them out with your classmates.

  3. Your first blog post for Algebra is due on Friday (but don't wait until the last minute). Please title the post: Reflective Blog Post #1 and respond to the following prompt:

    Looking back at your first week plus in Algebra (and your first week plus at AHS), how are you feeling? What's going well or you're excited about? What's challenging or are you concerned about?

    Then I want you to set three goals for yourself for this semester. One goal specifically related to Algebra, one goal related to AHS in general (can be related to classwork, sports, activities, or something else at AHS), and one goal outside of AHS. Make these goals fairly specific, not just "I want to get a good grade." I'll be asking you to revisit these goals toward the end of the semester and evaluate how well you're doing on them, so make them be worthwhile and achievable.

  4. Optional: If you'd like some more practice problems with 2-step equations or solving equations with variables on both sides, head over to Braingenie. (Remember: login with your google apps login and password, then click on Goals, then on the appropriate goal for what you want to practice.) You can also work on those Row Review problems we got started on in class.

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  1. My first week at Arapahoe was a blast. I don't feel nerves about school so that's a plus. I'm very excited just to be in high school I love all the freedom.
    my first goal is...
    -To become a better student.
    Number two
    -To become better at algebra.
    and three
    -To have fun.